Mike Peel undertook the role of Special Effects Supervisor on the production of our recent Super 16mm fantasy horror film feature Red Kingdom Rising.

Mike’s responsibilities during the production were to create and supervise all character based special effect make up prosthetics. Additionally, and most importantly, Mike undertook the creation of a full scale fantasy world akin to the labyrinth environment in the 2006 film Pan’s Labyrinth. With his persistence and hard working ethic surmounting our minimal budget, Mike’s creativity and innovation were nonetheless never limited and he consequently embedded our film with an admirable and professional production design quality.

During all key stages of production (from January 2010 to November 2010), Mike proved himself to be a most valuable member of the team. His utmost dedication, passion, kindly demeanour and professionalism brought a constant reassurance that each element would be delivered within strict time management. Furthermore, Mike always worked beyond set hours to ensure that what he created was at its height of perfectionism.

Mike Peel would indeed make a valuable asset to any company.



Navin Dev


George Featherby
Camera Operator (HD)
Mike is an excellent Special Effects artist whose work is second to none. I greatly enjoyed working with him on the film 'Tell Him Next Year' and would thoroughly recommend him to any employer.


Jonathan Sidwell
AD (2nd)
From working with Mike on 'Hard Shoulder' I can summerise Mike quite simply. Mike is a true Professional who takes great pride in his work and this passion combined with his personality makes working with him easy and fun.
Overall Mike is a great colleugue who I look forward to working with again.