Tolkien      Props Maker

Britannia Season 2    Mouldmaker/props maker/Construction Crew

Crypt TV: Camp Monster    Creature Suit Designer

Return of the Beast from Outer Space   Creature suit Supervisor

Predator: Dark Ages   Make-Up Effects Artist

Servant's Quarters   Prosthetics Designer

Shed of the Dead  Prosthetics and Make-Up Effects designer

Jack Mulligan Props

Pedro (short) Prosthetics designer

Predator: Dark Ages (short) Make-up Effects artist

The Rise of the Krays

The Tree Inside (short) Prosthetic designer

Unhallowed Ground (feature)

Aylesbury Dead (feature) Prosthetics & Make-up effects

513 (feature) Prosthetics and Make-up effects (inserts)

A Rock and a Hard Place (theatre) Prop Rock maker

Hands of the Collector (short) Prosthetics artist

Release the Hounds (TV) Props maker

Dinosaur Island (Exhibit) Moulding and casting fossils and bones

Serial Kaller (feature) Special effects artist

The Candidate (teaser)

Motorway (feature) Prosthetics creature designer

Fawked (short) Make-up effects artist

Spag Bol (short) Prosthetics designer

Knight of the Dead (feature film) Special FX designer

Soulmate (feature film)

The Trial (short)

Richard Hammond's Secret Service (tv show)

Dead Rotten (promo)

Jesus Christ Superstar - Arena tour (theatre)

Mache Man (short)

AxeWound - Exochrist (music video)

Fall of the Essex Boys (feature)

Hellraiser (teaser trailer) Extras make-up fx and Prosthetics

The Stomach (short) Prosthetics and Special FX designer

Newborn (short) Creature fx designer

Voodoo Magic (feature)

Bid Shopping (TV)

My Brothers Keeper (short)

How to Disappear Completely (theatre)


Vicki's Disease (short)

Nightfare (indie)

Hansel & Gretel (short)

The Zombie King (feature) Head of make-up fx & prosthetics

Alice Coopers Night of Fear (promo) Prosthetics desinger

Terror 2011: Love me to Death (theatre) Make-up fx designer

Misery (theatre) Special fx designer

Drunk (music video) Special effects supervisor - (Artist Bogdan Titomir)

9 Lives (short)

No Ball Games (short)

Fetch (short)

Three's a Shroud (feature) Puppet design and creation

One Night at the Aristo (feature) Creature Designer

Arkham Sanitarium ( feature) Special make-up & prosthetic fx co-ordinator

Blackout (short)

Zombie Diaries 2 (feature) Make-up fx and prosthetics

Red Kingdom Rising (feature) Prosthetics/Make-up fx/Props and Set designer

Shades of a Killer (indie) Prosthetics make-up artist

The Affected (indie) Prosthetics and FX

One Night at the Inn (short) Prosthetics artist


Mission to Seafarers (exhibit)

Return Fire (short)

Tell Him Next Year (short)

Jack Said (feature)

John's Operation (short)

Harlequin (short)